Privacy Policy


We are very committed to protect any data you may share with us. In fact, this is only a news site, so we don’t collect so much data.


The only data we will collect here are the one coming from the cookies, with which we are able to understand how are site is used, what is the traffic on it and what you like the most.

You can find an explanation on what the cookies are, how they works, and how you can decide what cookies you want to collect and what not, in the cookie policy page.

What we collect and how we use it

As written in the cookie policy, we anonymize your IP, the only personal data you share with us by accepting cookies, the only personal data you share with us, by deleting the last eights bits of your IP.


With this, we can’t understand who is who by the IP. In fact, the only thing we use the cookies for, is for aggregate analysis on the behavior on our site. We only want to know how many people arrive on our site, what are the most liked posts, where do you come from, etc.


In no way we are sharing your info with anyone, in any way we know who you are, or sensible info about you.


We only want to give you a read-worthy site, we don’t have any financial gain, it’s all for the love of 007!