Spectre Actors, Daniel Craig, Lea Seydouz, Monica Bellucci, Naomie Harris, Cristoph Waltz

Spectre break even point

Today, an analysis has surfaced, stating what is the amount of money Spectre needs to do to arrive to the break even point, and that is a very big amount of money, more than you could imagine.

According to various analyst, in fact, the new James Bond installment needs to arrive to 650 millions $ of revenue to cover the costs. In fact, according to sources, the bakers, that invested an estimated 250 millions $, has to split the revenue witht the exhibitors.

The movie is on the good way, though, opening in the UK with nearly 80 millions $ in the first week end, with the screenings set to start in a lot of markets, including US, during the end of this week, between today and tomorrow.

The movie is set to open between 60 and 80 millions in the US in the first week end, just falling short of the 88 millions $ Skyfall did in its first week end in 2012.

Will Spectre cover its cost? And will it top Skyfall and its 1 billion revenues?