Bond for Business

What does it mean to be a Bond film’s marketing partner?

It certainly means a lot of money. While it is reported that EON, the production company run by Barbara Broccoli and M doesn’t seem to be interested particularly in the money a company can give them, they (and Sony) seem to be extremely implicated in what a company can do in terms of marketing for a new 007 installment.

They seems to be also exceptionally reserved on this matters, and probably their refractoriness in talking about these matters comes both from marketing accords and from the leaked information they had early this year through the Sony hacker attack.

In fact, while it appears for a very short time during the movie, it was reported that there were some problems between Sony, movie distributor with its company Columbia, and EON and Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig to place their new phone in the movie, in the end it seems they made up your mind and the cellphone is briefly visible during a scene of the new movie Spectre.
At the same time, this partnership helped EON with the marketing, with ads featuring Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) carrying a suitcase containing the new Sony Xperia Z5.
The same can be said of Heineken. The green-bottled-beer, featured also in Skyfall, returns in Spectre, while Gillette appears for the first time. Heineken is believed to have paid more than 28 million pounds to appear in Skyfall, a part from the marketing effort they made, and the return must have been huge if they decided to pursue the same pattern with Spectre.

Same we can say for Omega, from 20 years now a 007 partner. Since Goldeneye, in fact, the most beloved Her Majesty’s Secret Service agent wears one or two Omegas in the movie, Seamaster usually. Also in the last installment, James Bond wears the new Omega Seamaster 300, and in particular a special version made specially for him.

Yes, this is another route almost all the companies involved in product placement pursue: create a special edition of their product related to 007. Omega has done 2 watches, a special version of the Seamaster 300 and a limited Aqua Terra Bond edition. Sony released its Z5 relating it to 007, showing it with the time 07:00 on the display, Belvedere and Heineken released special bottles, Gillette a limited edition package. Even Aston Martin has released a special DB9 GT Bond edition.

Here there are some ads videos for Spectre:

Sony Xperia Z5 made for Bond:

Heineken, The chase:

Aston Martin DB9 GT Bond Edition:

Gillette and Spectre present: Bond Moments

Omega and Spectre:

Spectre cars, Jaguar and Land Rover:

So, Bond is a big business not only for EON, but also for the products in the movie.