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More on the Boyle-Bond connection

After yesterday’s Breaking News, in which Baz Bamigboye gave us his confirmation that Boyle will indeed be the next Bond director, more news are coming in.

The same Bamigboye is quoting two unnamed sources that add some points to the Boyle news.

First one says that Boyle and long time writing partner Hodge came in some weeks ago to have a talk about an idea they’ve had for Bond 25. Apparently, the two didn’t have much faith in the outcome of the meeting, but unexpectedly both Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson were fascinated by It.

But more than this it seems that the most excited by the idea was Daniel Craig himself.

He and the Trainspotting director meet each other from a long time, having worked togheter during 2012 Summer to create the small movie, along with the Queen and the corgies, that served for the opening cerimony.

And, according to the second source, Boyle idea for the movie goes all the way back to that moment and, to quote the source, “It’s pure gold”

Now we only have to wait that Hodge completes the screenplay and that Boyle finishes his current projects.

Than, we will have announcement.

Happy Global James Bond Day!

As all of you will know, today is the day that marks 54 years from the release of the first installment of the most beloved her majesty’s secret service’s agent.
IN fact, the 5th of October of 1962, Dr. No was released in theaters, giving the start to the franchise we all love.
So, enjoy this day, watch a good 007 movie, and stay tuned, big news are coming, first of all with the interview Daniel Craig will have in two days. Maybe we will have some answers there!