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Christoph Waltz Will Return for Two More Bond Films, But ‘only if Daniel Craig does too’

Christoph Waltz in Spectre

Only two days into 2016 and already the Bond 25 rumour mill is churning. ‘The Mirror‘ reports that Christoph Waltz has signed on for two more Bond films, but will only return as Bond’s arch nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld if Daniel Craig reprises the role of James Bond.

According to reports Bond bosses will only get Christoph if Daniel signs up for a fifth outing as the superspy.

“Christoph could make a brilliant ongoing man for Bond to battle like in the old days,” a source told the Daily Star.

“But the important clincher of it is that Blofeld can only work with Daniel back in the role to keep continuity.”

[…] Producer Michael G Wilson seemed to confirm they expect to have Craig for a fifth time, saying: “We think we’ve got him but we don’t have a contract.”

A Bond source said: “Daniel has been a huge success as 007 and is loved by fans so he isn’t going anywhere yet.

“The directors know they would be daft to replace him at a stage where he is so popular. It’s almost certain he will do one more outing as Bond.

Is Guy Ritchie the New Front Runner to Director Bond25?

According to The Mirror, insiders report that the “execs loved U.N.C.L.E., starring Henry Cavill and based on the TV series created by Bond writer Ian ­Fleming.” With a source adding that:

“Guy has had a run of box office successes but it was The Man From U.N.C.L.E that really caught the Bond producers’ eye. The film had many of the elements associated with 007. Guy created a world of espionage and action with a bit of comedy. He’s the frontrunner for the next Bond movie – for now.”

Sam Mendes who directed ‘Skyfall’ and ‘SPECTRE’ is on record as saying:

I said no to the last one and ended up doing it. I was pilloried by all my friends. I don’t think I could go down that road again. You have to put ­everything else on hold. Every idea I had for a Bond film, I’ve stuck in this one. The Bond bank is dry.”

Who would you like to see direct Bond25?

Work on Bond25 Could Begin in Spring 2016

In a recent interview with 20 Minuten, producer Barbara Broccoli revealed that work on the 25th Bond film could begin as early as spring 2016.

“We have put three years of work into Spectre. It was a thrill, but now we want to enjoy the success and the reactions of the audiences. In spring we start again.”

As to whether Daniel Craig will return for his fifth outing as 007, Broccoli commented:

“I hope we can continue with Daniel. I love him, obviously not just me but also the audience. I will try my best to keep him on.”

Many have noted that the ending of ‘SPECTRE’ leaves the door open for Craig to leave the franchise, or for he to return along with co-stars Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci’s characters, all of whose characters could appear in Bond25. Does this mean that Bond will encounter SPECTRE and Blofeld again?

“I think, the end of Spectre leaves us with endless possibilities. That’s a good starting point,” says Broccoli.